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Biztax return

Sending a return

Check that the return is submitted

  • Click on “Mes déclarations”
  • Choose the date of the assessment year
  • Choose the type of return ISoc (corporate income tax) INR (non-resident income tax) IPM (income tax on legal entities)
  • Click on “Chercher déclarations”
  • The return thus created is displayed in the line below the Search button. The "Statut de la déclaration" must be "Souscrite"

Changing a return which has been submitted

This change is possible only once and exclusively before the expiry date.

  • Select the return
  • Click on "Ouvrir déclaration"
  • Click on "Rouvrir déclaration"

Add enclosures with the return

  • For the IPM (income tax on legal entities), click on 276.5.B
  • Click on “Add”
  • You have the possibility to add an enclosure (PDF file) with each line. If it is not enough, you must record them in one file before sending it

The signed document has not been accepted. (S0)

  • Download again the document which must be signed. Do not use a document which has already been signed.
  • Do not close the browser in which you have opened Biztax
  • Sign the document
  • Send the document in Biztax and make sure that you have selected the last document you have signed
  • If the document must be signed by another person, you must do it with the computer thanks to which the return has been drawn up. Make sure that you change the identity card when you sign the document

The end date of the taxable period has not been found

Errors still detected after the fields have been corrected

  • The errors displayed have been detected when the last check for errors has been carried out
    • Please click on the button "Démarrer la vérification d'erreurs" after having corrected the fields