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Executing a Mandate for Intervat

Role of Mandatee

To access to a mandator company’s return in Intervat, you must have the following roles:

  • "FPSFin Mandaat Nemer"
  • "FPSFin Mandaatuitvoerder"
    • Mandate Type : "Mandate User VAT"

If it is not the case, you have to assign yourself these roles in the "My eGov role management"

VAT Mandate

Before being able to submit a return for a mandate, you have to create a VAT mandate that will be signed by both parties via the application Mandate

Log in as a mandator

  • Click on “In the name of a company”
  • Click on “Next”
  • Click on “Déclarer pour d'autres entreprises (pour lesquelles vous êtes mandatés)”