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Add an exclusion in Avast 2017

  • Click the Avast icon in the taskbar
  • Click on "Settings". (Paramètres)
  • Click on "Components". (Composants)
  • On the "Web Agent" line, click "Customize". (Personnaliser)
  • Click on "Exclusions".
  • Check the box "URLs to exclude". (URLs à exclure)
  • In the'URLs to exclude' section, enter '*'.
  • Click on "Add". (Ajouter)
  • In the "URLs to exclude" section, enter "*".
  • Click "Add" again. (Ajouter)
  • Click on "OK".

You can also disable HTTPS scanning

  • Click on "Main Settings". (Paramètres principaux)
  • Uncheck the box "Allow HTTPS analysis". (Autoriser l'analyse HTTPS)