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Identification by Class 3 Certificate

ISABEL Certificate

  • Now you can use Mozilla Firefox. (installation module here)
  • You have to use the latest version of Isabel’s middleware
    To do so, please go to Isabel’s website, select “Isabel Security Components” and download the latest version

Attention Isabel is no longer available for Belcotax-on-Web, PLDA and EMCS applications since September 2018

Error during the Authentication

  • Clear the cache of your web browser
  • Check with your certificate provider if your certificate is properly activated in order to be used for the application services of the FPS Finance

Can I perform e-government transactions when I use KBC/CBC Sign for Business?

No, if you log into KBC Business Dashboard via KBC Sign, you cannot carry out e-government transactions. For this, you must log in directly to FPS/FIN with your electronic identity card, itsme, Isabel or via a third-party.