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Since April 18th 2016 the URBAIN application changed its login system for the external users.  URBAIN will from now on use the application
« Ma gestion des rôles eGov » of Fedict.

How to grant the roles?

As (main) registered access manager you can grant to the local civil servants a role for the URBAIN application via the application ‘Ma gestion des rôles eGov’.

Which roles can you grant?

FODFIN Urbain - Responsable URBAIN : Allows access to the 3 roles below but does not allow access to URBAN

  • FODFIN Urbain - Utilisateur RW (lecture et écriture): read and write access. The user can view and adapt.
  • FODFIN Urbain - Utilisateur RO (lecture) :The user can only view.
  • Indicateur-expert RW: read and write access. The user can view and adapt (for the moment, this profile has the same rights as the profile of the URBAIN RW user. But in the future the rights could be possibly extended on the basis of other functionalities in the application.

Which are the advantages of this new system?

  • You can grant the roles in a wholly autonomous way to (new) colleagues without the helpdesk of external users being obliged to intervene.
  • You can quickly change or delete in an efficient way roles while keeping a correct overview.
  • Pursuant to the privacy protection law the users’ operations must be recorded in the system.

You still have questions?

  • In case of technical problems with the application « Ma gestion des rôles eGov », you can get in touch with the Contact Center du SPF Finances.
  • In case of problems with the URBAIN application you can send a mail to the following address or call the following number 0257 737 40.