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Biztax - Starting a new return

  • Sign in to Biztax
  • Identify yourself via your identity card, via itsme® or via a class 3 certificate
  • Click on “Mes déclarations”
  • Enter the assessment year
  • Enter the type of return IPM (income tax on legal entities) (ASBL - nonprofit association), ISoc (corporate income tax) or INR/SOC (non-resident income tax for companies)
  • You must not complete any other field!
  • Click on “Chercher déclarations”
  • Click on "Créer une autre déclaration"
  • Enter your enterprise number
  • Enter the start/end date of the taxable period
  • For the ASBL (nonprofit associations) the period concerned by the return is always set from January 1st to December 31st
  • Enter the type of return
  • Click on “Créer"
  • Your return is displayed on the screen
  • You can change the information sheet (only if it is necessary)
  • You can enter the data of the return by clicking on 276.5.A (for the IPM - income tax on legal entities)
  • To add enclosures, click on “276.5.B”
  • When you have finished filling in your return, click on “Liste des erreurs”.
  • Click on "Démarrer la vérification d'erreurs"
    • This procedure must be carried out after each change you might bring to the return
  • Click on "Souscrire"
  • Cick the box "I confirm that the information provided in this declaration is accurate and true".
  • Click on "Submit".